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Chaise Sofa

Sectional and Chaise Sofa - Washingtonian furniture is a wholesale supplier of sectional sofas and chaise sofa Save hundreds of dollars on our sectional sofas and chaise sofa on very lower price than the other store.

Billionaire Home Mailing Addresses 2012

Is Writing To Wealthy People-Asking For Money-Worth It? Our Grade B+ - - After years of secrecy and quiet underground sharing, it has been brought to media attention recently that locating the home addresses of billionaires is a flourishing business all in its own. With today’s economy and unemployment, people are looking for all kinds of ways to make or get money. Who better to approach but the people with all the money! Salespeople are changing the way they find their clients and are always looking to expand their ever changing client databases. One of the most unknown advertisement strategies is the marketing of wealthy addresses. Sure there have been advertising agencies that claim they send your ads to Millionaires, but these type of advertizing lists cost you hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars. There have been companies we found that could send you labels with all the U.S. Billionaires Mailing Addresses, but after investigating we found most of those addresses out-dated and unreliable. Recently a place that used to (for 6 years) send you the list of all U.S. Billionaires addresses directly to your home, has now started a website allowing us to order these addresses right from the internet. We ordered a list from the company a couple months ago for $24.95 and were quite surprised. (we checked recently and the prices are even lower now!) The lists received were really nice! They sent a download link which allowed us to get the list instantly, and it could be downloaded in different formats like Excel,Word, and PDF, or all formats. The list came with some great free items that we think would really be able to help people that aren’t the best of writers be able to create a professional letter for fundraising, school or business grants, personal “beg letters”, or really any business trying to find people with “bottomless” pockets. The Excel list offered came with pictures of each billionaire, which was a nice touch, and the PDF file had all kinds of clickable links, that if you follow will bring you to all kinds of different things about the billionaires from personal taxes, stock picks, company details (and what companies they owned), as well as links to family foundations, salaries paid, and some really informative gossip about their personal lives. We mailed to about 1/4th of the list and never got any return envelopes with bad addresses, and surprise, surprise, we even got responses!! I was quite impressed the billionaires would take the time to send a return letter, because I thought it probably was a bunch of hype. I no longer think that. I might even have gained some respect for some of the “1%” because of there responses to our letters. Like a ad on the website of the addreses said, maybe it’s the economy that has brought attention to the “other 99%”, but the billionaires we contacted really do seem to be aware of whats going on with the economy and the people on the other side of their fenced and gated world. So, in conclusion, we recommend visiting this site if you are in need of any type of funding, grants, or just a personal handout. We did our normal test and contacted their customer service with an email and got an immediate, helpful, and professional reply, so we have given the site a “B+”. You never know what writing that letter may do for you or how it may change your life. In this day and age it doesn’t hurt to try! One thing I forgot to mention is the website also offers Millionaires and CEO Home Mailing Addresses. The web address for the site we ordered from Check it out! Todd Kennedy reviews for Our World of Wealth

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We are Oakland sewer repair.experts who can help you get the Oakland sewer certificate fast. we are also a full service plumbing company handling all types of residential and commercial plumbing jobs.

Smile Train Italia Onlus

Bomboniere, pergamene e liste di nozze solidali per festeggiare i tuoi momenti più belli. Su si possono trovare i migliori operatori del settore nozze.

Claudia Lotta

Wedding cake a Torino: una torta speciale, per un giorno straordinario! Su si possono trovare i migliori operatori del settore nozze.

Styles of Leather Jacket

Everyone pays lot of attention to fashion and it’s a known fact, as well as they love to follow latest trend and pattern in fashion. You will find latest trend and style in leather fashion coming this season for both men and women giving many choices. You can dress up or dress down with various different pattern of leather apparel available this season, with vast variety and ranges available for you. As it is comfortable and stylish there is lot you can offer to opt from, different colors and shade which will look awesome even in your simplest wardrobe.

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London Olympics 2012 games live stream

Welcome all of you to watch London Olympics games 2012 live stream online free NBC hd tv Broadcast here.If you wanna watch London Olympics games 2012 live stream,you can go this address and enjoy all events means 26 games with 204 nations in all category.

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